List of Kavézan deities

Greater deities


Epithet(s): Whisperer in the Darkness
Given form within the heart of the Dreamlands eons ago from the fears and insecurities of the mortal gods. Its existence is intrinsically bound to the Nightmare. No matter how benign an encounter with Yarr-Boroth may seem, it is impossible to escape completely sane.

Myr-Davan (LN)
Epithet(s): The Guiding Light
A vast creature that mimics the magnificent Bezan night sky. Each star is a single eye of mysterious entity while the darkness in between is its true form. Always watching, never acting.

R’baal (N)
Epithet(s): Highest Lord
An elf-like creature with immeasurable power and control over the Dreamlands. In all of the its recorded history, he has only appeared twice. R’baal (pronounced rah-bah-ayl) is well-known as the “Highest Lord” among dream walkers. A crude translation of his name means the “Prime Creator and the Truth.”

Ragas, the One Who Works The Loom (LE)
Also known as: The Luminous Maiden
God of illusion, trickery, women, wives and fertility
In the myth, she is a maiden who uses her magical shawl to trick the god-serpent into biting itself. She quickly escapes the shaded woods of Lūnin with an apple from its magical grove to save her dying grandfather. She is the honored goddess of light, hope and persever-ance.
However, she actually rules over the domains of secrets, trickery, and illusion. She devised a plan to trick the dreamers and vestiges into worshipping the false pantheon which has worked with startling success. This gives them power and control over the Dreamlands.
Ragas was once a collection of vestiges, an amalgam of soulstuff and memories of dreamers, evolved into a stillborn thought. With time, she grew and remembered the old gods vowing to somehow recreate their dominion in Beza.

, Who Is Among The Pages (N)
Also known as: Enlightened Wayfarer
God of portals, seals, locks, contracts and death.
A human male who once lived on Beza during the expansion of the Shimon faith. He was an exceptional

and throughout the first Great War. He was an exceptional locksmith and watchmaker who stumbled upon sacred Lapata.
Just before he unlocked the secrets of death, he was killed in a firebomb attack. In two weeks, he returned from the dead with the knowledge of immortality and the ability to bridge the gap between Lapata, Beza and Xechamenos. The only one to ever have done this.
He is currently sealed in an unmarked black grimoire stored within the blue cathedral.

Laila-ka, Protector of Hearth and Home (LG)
Also known as: Who Once Was Laila-luk
God of protection, men, victory, kings
The husband of Ragas. In reality, Laila-ka is the only god that has ever existed, but the myth explains he became what he is today. This is false. Surprisingly, like the myth, Laila-ka is a benevolent protector and takes his duties as a powerful entity very seriously. In the event that the greater deities attempt to affect the Dreamlands, he hopes to fend them off valiantly.

Laila-luk, He Who Paints the Starry Sky (NG)
Also known as: Who Becomes Laila-ka
God of despair, defeat, life, art, and music
Mentioned within the myths, Laila-luk was a meek boy who cherished
Exists only within the various myths of the Lapatan pantheon. One of the few humans to descend into the Seven Hundred Steps of Deeper Slumber and become stuck. He went on a journey that saved the Dreamlands from destruction and was graced by Sargatanas. He ascended into godhood shedding his former self and married Ragas having two children.

Namidae, Who Chases Falutunduru (CN)
Also known as: Alhena, The Playful Twin
Goddess of light, happiness, children, twins
She runs across the sky attempting to escape from Falutunduru.

Falutunduru, Who Chases Namidae (CE)
Also known as: Propus, The Cunning Twin
God of darkness, cunning, children, twins
He runs across the sky attempting to catch Namidae.

S’sashash’al of Infinite Coils (NE)
Also known as: Gaurdian of the Grove
God of serpents, secrets, knowledge, hunger and madness
The protector of the goddess of love, Idunn, a member of the Vensaean pantheon. When Ragas entered her grove to bite the Apple of Knowledge from the goddess’ tree, S’sashash’al meant to kill Ragas but instead killed Idunn. Driven insane, he devoured her and ascended to godhood. He feverishly gnaws at the immortal tree hoping to draw knowledge of resurrection from it.

Maja Harit of A Thousand Lands (N)
Also known as: The Eagle of Namidae
God of travel, roads, and luck
A member of the Vensaean pantheon but betrayed them to join the Lapatan pantheon. He descended the Seven Hundred Steps of Deeper Slumber and became addicted to the possibilities of the Dreamlands. Once he discovered the Lapatan pantheon, he decided to work alongside them. In the material plane he has been asleep for centuries with no one suspecting his betrayal.

Benevolent Kinshasa (NG)
Also known as:
A creature that was created by the Lapatan pantheon to rule over the bottom half of their citadel. Kinshasa truly strives to be a protector, and hopes to eventually rule over Sétah’s people alone.

Zibarta the Wise (LN)
Also known as:
An honored spirit that watches over the city of Sātī. He once sat as the king of the city-state but was removed when Sargatanas returned. Ragas ensured that he would be remembered, but no longer did he serve his original purpose. Now he stands as a spiteful warden hoping to remove Sargatanas from his throne and prove to Ragas his

List of Kavézan deities

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